Shayela Consulting

We Provide Business Process Outsourcing
Our BPO services include Contact Centre and Customer Care, Virtual Assistant Services as well as Social Media Monitoring Services across the African continent.
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Social Media Services
We provide real time monitoring and brand reputation management on your social media platforms.
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Shayela is a youth empowerment company. Started by young entrepreneurs, Shayela’s goal is to provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services across Africa. Employing only youth and not restricted to any specific geography, Shayela can establish virtual BPO centres in a very short space of time, servicing any specific group that the client wishes to target.

Shayela's Manifesto

We are committed to:
  1. Growth of your business and our employees
  2. Enabling you to reach your target market in their home language and region
  3. Providing you with a flexible service that delivers both effectively and within your budget
  4. Reaching the customers where they are
  5. Creating jobs

Contact Centre

We provide various outbound and inbound calling functionalities.

Outbound and Inbound Functionalities

These services include the following - making cold calls to customers, engagement of customers, selling of goods or services to the entry level market, customer care lines and customer help-desks.
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Market Surveys

Market Surveys and Market Research Capabilities

Market Research Capabilities

Conducting market surveys (with our database and/or with your database).

From our database, providing information for clients approaching new markets

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Social Media

We provide real time monitoring and brand reputation management on your social media platforms.

Social Media Customer Care

Response and attention on all social media platforms to attend to online brand reputation management.

Real-time monitoring of your social media platforms, providing you with alerts and opportunities for timely responses

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