Shayela Consulting

What We Do

Contact Centre

Outbound Calling Functionalities

  • Making cold calls to customers
  • Engagement of customers
  • Qualifying prospective clients and customers
  • Selling of goods or services to the entry level market
  • Recruitment of students

The above services come with standard reporting generated by our digital system.

Inbound and Customer Care Functionalities

  • Customer care lines
  • First line of “customer complaints”
  • Customer interaction
  • Customer Help-Desks
  • Receiving calls from customers and potential customers

Market Surveys

Market Surveys and Market Research Capabilities

  • Conducting market surveys (with our database and/or with your database)
  • From our database, providing information for clients approaching new markets

Shayela Consulting works in partnership with training companies, thereby providing our clients access to an army of students and unemployed youth who can be utilised either as a data pool or as foot soldiers for gathering market information over a wide geographical area.

In addition, we have a reach of social media users as a potential pool.

Social Media

Social Media Customer Care

  • Response and attention on all social media platforms to attend to online brand reputation management
  • Real-time monitoring of your social media platforms, providing you with alerts and opportunities for timely responses

Virtual Assistant

Making a Start

Shayela Consulting was founded by the need to create career opportunities for our employees while building great tools and services for our client base.

Our Staff

Our staff are young, dynamic individuals who understand your target market and can easily translate this vibrancy into results for your company and brand.


Shayela Consulting is a technology-focused company that creates and utilises innovative technologies designed to remove the limitations associated with remote teams. By fully utilising technology to integrate people and processes, Shayela Consulting has been able to provide new levels of communication, efficiency, and transparency.


Shayela Consulting encourages personal and professional growth for all staff. We provide free career guidance and training opportunities to help them reach their goals and to continuously improve our service to our clients. The training is provided by our associated training companies.